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Wine Cellar Under Stairs : Fine Rooms & Designs Australia Can Build Yours

At Fine Rooms & Designs, luxuries for your home are more than just beautiful. They combine elegance with smarts. We love building bespoke wine cellars, turning regular areas into something special. Imagine a wine cellar under stairs. It's not just for storage. It's a feature to show off your wine, making the space under your stairs the star. Our mix of European style and Aussie innovation makes us leaders in custom wine cellars in Sydney.

bespoke luxury wine cellar under stairs

We turn the spot under your stairs into a luxury wine spot.

Create an image of a wine cellar that is tucked away under a sleek and modern staircase. The cellar should be built with high-quality materials and accented with warm lighting to showcase the impressive collection of wines. The space should feel intimate, yet spacious enough to comfortably browse and select the perfect bottle for any occasion. Use cool blue tones to convey a sense of sophistication and elegance.

Key Takeaways:

  • Maximising underutilised space with a stylish under stairs wine cellar.

  • Expertly designed bespoke wine cellars that reflect sophistication.

  • Combining European and Australian designer insights for exquisite wine storage.

  • Adding a touch of luxury through innovative wine cellar under stairs designs.

  • Boosting your home's value with tailored luxury home enhancements.

  • Providing a fine space that not only stores but celebrates your wine collection.

  • Adept in creating custom wine cellars Sydney residents admire.

Transform Your Home with a Luxurious Wine Cellar Under Stairs

Let Fine Rooms & Designs take you on a refinement journey with a wine cellar under your stairs. It brings luxury to your home and is smart in saving space. Our wine cellars show both opulence and clever design.

Create an image of a wine cellar hidden under the stairs, filled with rows of wine bottles on wooden shelves. The space is dimly lit, with warm lighting highlighting the rich colors of the bottles and the textures of the bricks and wooden beams. The room feels cozy and intimate, inviting the viewer to come in and savor a glass of their favorite vintage.

Space-Saving Elegance with Under Stair Wine Cellars

Our unique wine cellars change how you think about storage. They are designed to fit perfectly under your stairs. This not only keeps your wines safe but also turns an unused spot into a highlight.

Why Choose a Wine Cellar Under the Stairs?

A wine cellar under the stairs blends beauty with smart design. At Fine Rooms & Designs, we tailor our cellars to your home and style. It's more than storage; it's a piece that draws attention and delights the senses.

Maximising Functionality in Limited Spaces

You don't have to sacrifice your wine collection if you have little room. Our wine cellars fit into your home beautifully, keeping wines in perfect condition. With Fine Rooms & Designs, luxury meets practicality in our space-saving wine storage solutions.

Custom Wine Cellars Sydney: Tailored to Your Tastes

At Fine Rooms & Designs, our custom wine cellars in Sydney are more than storage. They show off your personal style. You'll find each cellar is a special room that reflects your love for wine.

Create an image showcasing an elegant wine cellar situated beneath a grand staircase. The cellar should feature modern custom-made wooden shelves with rows of neatly arranged wine bottles. The lighting should be subtle, creating a warm ambiance in the cellar. The stairs leading down to the cellar should be grand, with intricate details and a luxurious carpet runner. The overall look of the wine cellar should exude opulence and sophistication, with a touch of warmth and coziness. The cellar should be located within a contemporary home in Sydney, featuring sleek modern architecture and large floor-to-ceiling windows that offer stunning views of the city skyline.

We work together to make personalized layouts that mix modern wine cellars with your ideas. Our work includes both small and big projects, all unique and elegant.

Imagine having a space at home that's totally yours. That's what we aim for with our wine cellars. They're carefully made, focusing on both beauty and detail.

Using the best materials and technology, we make sure your cellar looks amazing. It will also keep your wine in perfect condition. Our modern wine cellars are both pretty and practical.

  • Initial consultation to understand your tastes and requirements

  • Design phase with 3D renderings for personalized layouts

  • Selection of materials and finishes to match your home's décor

  • Construction overseen by experienced artisans

  • Final touches to ensure every detail reflects your individuality

We invite you to see what Fine Rooms & Designs can do. We can make a custom wine cellar that does more than store wine. It will be a luxury spot for your best wines, anywhere in Sydney.

wine cellar under stairs

Discover the Fine Craftsmanship of Fine Rooms & Designs

At Fine Rooms & Designs, we take pride in making top-notch bespoke wine cellars. Our team brings European and Australian design expertise to the table. For over twenty years, we've focused on quality craftsmanship and creating special places for our clients.

Over 20 Years of European and Australian Expertise

We mix European refinement with Australian innovation brilliantly. This blend makes our wine cellars look great and work perfectly. We know a lot about keeping wine just right, which wine lovers really value.

Uncompromised Quality with Premium Materials

Choosing the best materials is key for us. It means each cellar we build is strong and looks amazing. We pay attention to every little thing. This shows how much we focus on quality craftsmanship.

Innovative Design and Meticulous Construction

We create designs that are both beautiful and practical. Our promise of quality is seen in our meticulous construction. We're careful with every part of the build. This detail ensures your wine cellar will last a long time.

Show a wine cellar that exudes elegance and sophistication, with expertly crafted wooden shelves and racks displaying an exquisite collection of wines from around the world. The soft lighting creates a warm and inviting atmosphere, while the stone walls and flooring speak to the cellar's timeless quality. The attention to detail in the construction is evident in every aspect of the space, from the precision of the joints to the smooth finish of the wood. The overall effect is one of luxury and refinement - a space that any wine enthusiast would be proud to call their own.

We turn your dreams into reality at Fine Rooms & Designs. Join us and get a luxury wine cellar that makes your collection better. Enjoy owning something truly special crafted just for you.

The Benefits of a Custom Wine Cellar by Fine Rooms & Designs

At Fine Rooms & Designs, we're experts in creating bespoke wine cellars. These cellars add style and value to your home. They beautifully blend luxury and practical use.

The Value-Adding Appeal of Bespoke Wine Cellars

Our bespoke wine cellars add beauty and class to your home. They keep your wines in perfect condition. Plus, they make your home more appealing to potential buyers.

A Personalised Approach to Wine Storage and Display

We design custom wine cellar displays that match your unique style. Our designs complement your home and beautifully show off your wine collection. We find the perfect balance between function and beauty.

Advantages of Temperature-Controlled Fine Rooms

Our temperature-controlled wine rooms are specially designed for your wines. They provide the ideal conditions for storing and aging wines. This ensures your wine is always ready at its best.



Custom Design

Aligns with personal style and home décor

Bespoke Craftsmanship

Ensures uniqueness and quality

Wine Storage Solutions

Customized options catering to collection size and varietal

Temperature Control

Maintains and protects wine integrity

Each wine cellar from Fine Rooms & Designs is a work of art and passion. Let us create a luxury space for your wines. Experience our commitment to excellence and unique design.

Exquisite Steam Rooms and Saunas Crafted by Fine Rooms & Designs

At Fine Rooms & Designs, we see personal wellness spaces as transformative. Our custom saunas and bespoke steam rooms go beyond basic upgrades. They're sanctuaries for health and peace. Each one offers relaxation benefits and boasts stunning design and craftsmanship.

We focus on the little details that turn a space into a personal wellness haven. Every project combines style with function. This ensures you enjoy both relaxation benefits and a luxury boost to your home.

Our journey in crafting personal wellness spaces reflects our love for the art of relaxation. We're dedicated to creating a peaceful escape from daily stress, right in your own home.

We customize each detail to your liking, creating places that improve both your home and well-being. Here's a table showing what we consider when designing your personal wellness retreat.




Custom Design

Each sauna and steam room is designed to fit seamlessly within your space.

Aesthetically pleasing, enhances property value, reflects personal style.


High-quality woods, stones, and glass chosen for durability and feel.

Long-lasting, natural insulation, luxurious textures.


Meticulous craftsmanship ensures structural and aesthetic perfection.

Superior build quality, memorable detail, enduring beauty.

Health Focus

Optimal temperature and humidity levels for maximal health benefits.

Promotes relaxation, improves respiratory health, aids in stress relief.

Seeking a sauna's solitude or a steam room's vibrant embrace? Let Fine Rooms & Designs craft your luxury escape. With us, the world's stress fades away. Experience relaxation like never before in bespoke steam rooms and custom saunas made just for you, with unmatched quality.


We are deeply committed to creating luxury home enhancements. Our work includes beautiful bespoke wine cellars and unique wine cellars under stairs. We aim to reflect Sydney's fine culture and tastes.

Our projects, from under stair wine cellars to wellness spaces, mix beauty with craftsmanship. Our work is not just about building. It's about creating a special place in your home.

Our custom wine cellars in Sydney are known for their quality. Each project shows our dedication to excellence and detail. This means every design not only meets but exceeds your hopes. It brings elegance and comfort into your life.

We invite you to imagine your space filled with luxury and richness. Those who choose Fine Rooms & Designs take pride in their choice. Your space will be a testament to true luxury and custom elegance.


Can I install a wine cellar under my stairs?

Absolutely! At Fine Rooms & Designs, we make special wine cellars for under your stairs. It's a smart and classy way to use space that often goes unnoticed.

What style options are available for an under stairs wine cellar?

You can choose from modern to classic styles, with special touches like curved glass and cedar racks. We make sure it matches your home and tastes.

Are your wine cellars limited to particular sizes or can they be custom-sized?

Our wine cellars in Sydney are made to fit any space. We work with the space you have, whether it's under the stairs or elsewhere.

How do you ensure the wine cellar will preserve my wine collection effectively?

We design wine cellars to keep your wine just right. This includes controlling temperature and using smart storage to protect your wines.

What makes Fine Rooms & Designs different when it comes to crafting bespoke wine cellars?

We combine 20 years of European and Australian design know-how. Our focus is on top-notch craftsmanship, quality materials, and creative design. We build wine cellars that are luxurious and practical.

Is it possible to have a wine cellar designed for both storage and as a display?

Definitely. We create wine cellars that let you show off your collection while keeping it stored right.

Do you only specialize in wine cellars, or do you offer other luxury home enhancements?

We also design luxury saunas and steam rooms, besides bespoke wine cellars. Our aim is to boost the luxe level of your home, adding to your wellness spaces and beyond.

How can I get started with a custom wine cellar project for my Sydney home?

Just get in touch with us at Fine Rooms & Designs. Our team will help you out. We'll talk about what you want and the layout of your space. Together, we'll plan a wine cellar that meets your dreams.

Will a custom wine cellar add value to my home?

Yes, a tailor-made wine cellar is a smart addition. It makes your home more appealing to buyers. This can up your home's market value.

What are the benefits of having a sauna or steam room in my home?

Having a sauna or steam room at home is great for your health. It helps you relax, boosts circulation, and aids in breathing. Plus, it adds a touch of luxury to your place.

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