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Project Management

At Fine Rooms & Designs, we understand the significance of phased project management in creating a smooth and efficient experience when designing and building your wine cellar. Each phase is crucial in ensuring that your vision is brought to life with precision and excellence. From initial concepts to final installation, our phased approach guarantees a high-quality result that aligns with your expectations.



Project Initiation

During an initial consultation, our wine cellar specialist will meet with you to understand your vision and project requirements.
If possible, we will then visit your property to assess the space and take necessary measurements, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of your needs.


Specification & Quotation

During this phase, we will propose the specifications for constructing your wine cellar.

Following this, we will furnish a comprehensive quotation encompassing all necessary aspects, including project management, as well as the supply and construction of your wine cellar.

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Conceptualisation & Design

After understanding your requirements, our design team will create concept drawings to visualize the space.
We will engage in an iterative process discussing designs, specific requirements, and material options to ensure an informed decision-making process, resulting in a final product that corresponds to your dream cellar.


Production and Installation

After the approval of the final cellar design, we meticulously undertake the manufacturing and installation of your bespoke wine cellar. Our team ensures thorough oversight of each detail.

Once all particulars are settled and the racks are manufactured, we will come to your house to start the  installation process.

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