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About us

Throughout his career, Morgan Croisy, a Belgian contractor and creator of Finerooms & Designs, specialized in passive houses. His experience turned him into an insulation specialist, a significant quality in the wine cellar sector. 

His longing for travel pushed him to leave Belgium in 2017 and join some relatives in Australia, where he looked for work in the construction sector. 

“I had had enough of living in Belgium: I wanted to travel. At first, I thought of Asia, but then Australia quickly stood out. It is a country full of opportunities, where I could consider a wide range of prospects for the future. I loved that idea. My wife, daughter and I settled in the Northern Beaches. I still keep the idea of spending my old age in Asia in a corner of my mind, though.”

Here, he quickly found a new passion : building tailor-made wine cellars. Indeed, after working as construction manager for a company specialized in the sector, and driven by his entrepreneurial spirit and his will to put his creativity into practice, he decided to open his own wine cellar construction company : Finerooms & Designs.

Today, he offers a wide range of products, adapted to the budget, preferences and home of his wine-loving clients. 

Morgan, whose dad worked as a chef in a three-star restaurant, enjoys good wine and affirms that it can only be preserved in a room equipped with air conditioning. It is essential to take care of one’s good bottles of wine by storing them in an environment that will maintain their initial characteristics. 

“Obviously, it all depends on the client’s needs and home. We offer different options with different materials and layouts. For instance, if the wall is well insulated, the construction could be cheaper.”

Besides his excellent meticulous staff and his ability to create various ambiances, one of Morgan’s biggest strengths is his sticking to his commitments and construction time, whatever obstacles he encounters. “At Finerooms & Designs, there is a limitless range of possibilities. Nothing is impossible if you have the right budget.”

“I have never been late on a project. If I have to start working at 5am and go back home at 10 pm, I will. When I make a promise, I commit to it.”

In addition to a very diverse wine cellar offer, Finerooms & Designs also proposes the building of saunas and steam rooms. 

Morgan and his team are specialized in the creation of tailored luxurious rooms in Sydney and New South Wales that always meet their clients’ needs in terms of well-being and comfort.


“Australians love beautiful things and enjoying them. Thus my work is really adapted to their needs: it enables them to preserve their good bottles while enhancing their homes with beautiful objects.”

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